Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You gotta wear (monogrammed) shades....enter to win! of our favorite new arrivals for summer is our monogrammed sunglasses!  
Wayfarer style in either black or tortoise, they are so retro 80's and yet so now!  Wouldn't you like to sport a pair at the beach?

You can find em on our website here, but better yet, how about a FREE pair?  Yep, I said FREE.  Enter the giveaway on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (yes, entering more places gives you more chances to win!)...don't tell anyone...but signing up for our weekly newsletter will give you an extra chance to win, plus you get to know about weekly specials and good stuff like free shipping!

What are you waiting for?  Enter today!!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For Easter we love....

Some of our faves for Easter:

Monogrammed Baskets
(yes, we have some and they can be ready by easter!)

cute babies!....Henry and Banks are our favorite, couldn't you just eat them up!?

Adorable shirts

Easter candy!!! Snickers eggs are my favorite...what is yours?

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hey, so good to see you!

Hey!  It's been so long!  How have you been?  How's the family, everyone doing well?'s so many that blog, we fell off the face of the earth for a while, but we are back and ready to share so much creative goodness.  Give us another chance, won't you...we promise not to disappoint or you can break up with us for real.

So.....while we were gone we have been reading other people's blogs.  OMG, there are so many talented, creative and downright HILARIOUS people blogging.  Check out some of my faves and let me know what you think!

First up, my soul sister in ADD: Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

I really think her "about me" picture sums it up pretty well.  I discovered this blog through my husband (long suffering..I am sure he relates to Victoria's Paul like they are long lost brothers) who sent me the link to her "Kingdom Mirror" post because it was "so me".  Hmmm, ok, maybe I see that.  Anyway, check her out.  She is hilarious and her house is gorgeous.

Next up: Scary Mommy.
 Yes, she's a big one and I am probably late to the party. But seriously, if at the end of the day your kids have driven you to drink, pour yourself a glass of wine and read her blog.  It may just make you feel like you are not alone and possibly prevent you from doing serious harm to yourself or others.

On to food, one of my favorite subjects.  I love to eat and I totally LOVE the concept of cooking...actually doing it, not so much...but when and if I have time to cook, Plain Chicken is THE place for inspiration and yummy, easy recipes.
How can you go wrong with Brownie Pan Pizza

As far as "fashion"...I love The Small Things. I have been following her since before she was "big".  Love her hair and makeup tips...and really love that she (and her life and house) look "REAL" many bloggers just look too perfect, you know?

And on a personal note, my friend and former business partner, Missy, just moved her whole family to London from San Diego. (The school uniforms alone would have sold me on moving)

 Wow, what an adventure (said the girl who loves to travel with a bit of envy in her voice)...I love seeing what is happening "across the pond" and how a busy, crazy American family is adjusting to life in London.  Check out A Southern Girl moves to London for all their latest adventures!

So, those are some of my favorites.  What about you?  Are there any blogs you read on a regular basis?  Any that are your "go to's" for handy tips or recipes?  Please share!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's a Boy!

Yes, the world is buzzing with the birth of a new royal.  Although we do not yet know his name; we do know that he will probably be one of the best dressed young men in the world.  I wonder if Kate likes monograms?  We think his Royal Highness definitely needs some of the basics, like handsome monogrammed loafers...

and some seersucker shorts for Daddy's summer polo matches....

He'll need a commemorative frame with a sweet little picture in it...

and a sweet little elephant to snuggle with.....

Congratulations Will and Kate! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Week We're Loving....

Huge Monograms on walls, doors, gates and more!  And not vinyl, we've done the adhesive vinyl.  And while we love the clean look it gives, There is just something about the depth and texture a wooden monogram can add to a room....

And there are so many options!  You don't even have to go with just a monogram....


Monday, May 13, 2013

Did you know??

Do you know the history of monogramming?  Monogramming first appeared on coins in Greek and Roman times around 350 BC as a way of identifying their origin

It was also used by artisans in the Middle Ages to identify their work; especially when the trades were restricted by guilds as a means of preventing unauthorized participation in the trade.  But, the monogramming with which we are most familiar is that practiced by aristocrats in the Victorian times. They used their personal monograms to symbolize their place in high society.

Today the monogram has become a fashion statement all itself.  Showing up on everything from stationery to clothing. 

And the traditional rules have given way to personal style making the monogram increasingly popular among all ages.  But, if you're wondering what tradition dictates, you can read more about Monogramming Etiquette on our website.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sneak Peek at Something New!

We've been working on a little something special lately...

We are SO excited to reveal our NEW WEBSITE soon!!!  NEW design, NEW setup, and NEW items added constantly!!  And, as if that isn't exciting enough; we're unveiling our NEW easy to shop mobile website too!  Now, have personalization at your fingertips now matter where you are!

Just can't wait? Well, neither can we!! Stay up to date with our Grand Online Opening by following us on Facebook and Instagram.  We'll even have a special for all of our online shoppers to help us celebrate!